Reconcile (verb): to restore relationships, to make or show to be compatible, to make whole what has been divided 

Christ (noun): God's chosen and anointed one, our Lord and Savior, whose greatest commandments are to "love God and love your neighbor"

The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) team at RLC works to create a congregational culture of welcome, understanding, and inclusion of the diverse family of God. In particular, the goal of the RIC team is to work with the congregation to create and adopt a welcome statement that affirms the full participation and sacredness of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The team also works to  affirm the dignity and worth of people of all races, social backgrounds, ages, abilities, and more. In this, we reflect our love for God and our neighbors.

The RIC team works through conversation, education, and reflection. Some resources are linked below to help in discernment and learning. (Links are in bold print.)

Reconciling Works, the organization that works with Lutheran churches to become Reconciling in Christ

Queer Grace Encyclopedia, an online encyclopedia for LGBTQIA+ and Christian Life, especially:

Why do some Christians believe it's okay to be gay, when the Bible says it isn't?

L, G, B, T, Q, Q, I, A... What Do All the Letters Mean?

The Reformation Project, a Bible-based Christian organization with the mission to advance LGBTQ inclusion in the church, especially their Brief Biblical Case for LGBTQ Inclusion

This video from Edina Lutheran Church about their experience as a RIC congregation

The RIC team also works through storytelling, connecting our experiences with our hopes for reconciliation. The following are reflections from RLC members about why this work matters to them.

J.W. Wartick: Why I Changed My Mind About Inclusion