This is part of a series from Resurrection's Reconciling in Christ Team for the month of June, inviting reflection and engagement from our community about what it means to be committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion and antiracism.

Why LGBTQ+ Inclusion Matters

by Tannis Petersburg

Before I sat down to write this, I prayed that God would be with me and guide my thoughts. This is a very personal and emotional topic for me.

First, we need to think of it as intentional inclusion. Much of the LGBTQ+ community is hurting and looking for a safe and welcoming place. We have been that place for some already and can intentionally draw in more families and possibly LGBTQ+ children. Suicide is consistently the second leading cause of death among young people and disproportionately impacts LGBTQ+ youth.

God’s grace is for everyone. Inclusion is about making every visitor and member feel love and accepted for who they are. A congregation that does this (like ours) experiences a greater sense of community.

Many Christians believe there are many examples in the bible advocating for those marginalized by society and welcoming them into God’s community. I believe this welcome would extend to the LGBTQ+ community. We could get involved in LGBTQ+ rights at a local level. Some major challenges to LGBTQ+ lives have come from very local levels such as city and state. I think this is especially true in Iowa.