Don’t be happy when your enemy has troubles. Don’t be glad when they fall.

-Proverbs 24:17

I love football season and I admit that I am not always a gracious fan. As an Iowa State Cyclone and Minnesota Gopher fan it can be especially hard when it comes to dealing with a certain black and gold group.

While sitting next to one of those fans at the game this past weekend I definitely had some internal and external disagreement happening. One instance in particular stands out where we both saw the exact same play but in a completely different perspective. As this happened my first reaction was to get irritated and frustrated but then I thought about how interesting it is that the two of us could see the exact same thing in such a different way, the way that fit each of us best. Later in the day I rewatched the questionable play trying to see it through the eyes of an ‘other’s’ side and admittedly when I tried I could see what they were seeing. 

When we let ourselves see perspectives and opinions that differ from our own it is amazing how understanding our hearts can feel. Acknowledging this is not always easy or comfortable but it is what God asks of us, it is possible and it can bring great peace and joy.