Waiting is Not Easy

Psalm 130:5 With all my heart, I am waiting, Lord, for you! I trust your promises. 

Waiting is not easy…

In Mo Willems’ book, Waiting is Not Easy, Piggie has a surprise for Gerald. As Gerald’s patience diminishes throughout the day, Piggie encourages him to wait it out as the surprise will be worth it. As the day turns into night, Gerald gets grumpy and says, “We have wasted the whole day!… And for what!?” Piggie then gestures up to the Milky Way, which Gerald then acknowledges “was worth the wait.” 

This past Sunday, we began a new liturgical year by acknowledging the First Sunday of Advent. Although the retail world makes it appear like the Christmas season begins in October, those of us following the liturgical year of the Church know that we still have a while to go before we can celebrate the birth of Jesus. Traditionally, Advent is a time of waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus, but often we find ourselves tempted to ignore this season of Advent and focus on Christmas. 

Advent comes and gently invites us into a period of waiting. It teaches us the art of waiting and the joy of preparation and anticipation. In this season, we learn to take time; and in taking time, we anticipate the reward of waiting. Waiting helps us to enjoy what has arrived of which we would otherwise might have taken for granted. 

Let’s use the example of a cake. There is much preparation that goes into preparing the best cake. Once you have the cake in the oven, it needs time to fully bake for it to be delicious. It may be difficult to wait for the cake to finish, but who wants to eat an undercooked cake? The same is true for grapes, as it can take years for grapes to be transformed into fine wine. Although it is difficult to wait, the observation of Advent doesn’t have to happen alone. We can wait together by attending bible studies, worship, and music programs. 

As we take time to practice waiting in this crazy and busy season, we place our trust in God’s continued promise, because as Piggie says, “It will absolutely be worth it.”