Christian Education

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Christian Education will take place at home with the Faith At Home materials. Be sure to click the access Faith At Home button to download your family’s materials.  

Preschool through Sixth Grade

We gather for music, offering, and announcements. After announcements, classes are dismissed with their shepherds to one of three rotations.
Our preschool through sixth grade students are piloting a new approach to Sunday school – Rotational. In this setting, the same Bible story or theme is taught for several weeks. Each week, learners will rotate to a different station while the content remains the same. The variety of experiences keep interest high throughout the unit and provides different learning opportunities to meet different learning styles. Teachers will teach the same lesson, with age-level adjustments, for the length of the rotation. Preschool students do not rotate but will use the rotational approach to explore a story or theme for several weeks.

Seventh & Eighth Grade

Sunday morning Christian Education for our seventh and eighth graders is a continuation of their Affirmation of Baptism curriculum from Wednesday nights confirmation.

High School

Our high school students may volunteer as either a rotation leader or a shepherd with rotational Sunday school or attend adult education.

Adult Education

Adults meet in the sanctuary for class and study a variety of different topics.